Rep. Greg Stanton, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, today introduced the Supreme Court Families Security Act of 2022, which would allow the Marshal of the Supreme Court to authorize security for the immediate families of the justices as well as court employees, including clerks.

In the wake of the publication of a draft decision overturning Roe. v Wade, the need for adequate security for those in the judicial branch has become more apparent as some activists and news sites have “doxed”—or published the private information of—multiple clerks of the court, publicly accusing them without evidence of leaking to the press and putting their safety at risk.

Further, as pro-choice advocates continue to peacefully protest outside the court and throughout the D.C. area, some have begun planning demonstrations and vigils outside the private homes of justices, raising legitimate concerns about the safety of their family members. Several protests have drawn anti-Roe counter-protesters, escalating tensions.

“Our First Amendment guarantees we can disagree with and passionately protest the actions of every public official, including Supreme Court justices,” Stanton said. “But engaging in behavior that threatens the safety of the justices, their families and Supreme Court staff is wrong and unacceptable.”

The Senate this week unanimously passed a bill that extended protection to the justice’s immediate families but notably did not extend needed protection to the families of court staff.

During his time in Congress, Stanton has been an advocate for greater security for federal judges and the Supreme Court. In 2019, President Donald Trump signed a bill introduced by Stanton permanently extending security protections for Supreme Court justices outside the court grounds.