WASHINGTON, D.C.—Last week, President Trump signed into law a bill introduced by freshman Rep. Greg Stanton to permanently extend security protections for Supreme Court Justices outside the court grounds. This is Stanton’s first sponsored bill signed into law. 

Stanton first introduced H.R. 4258 in September with Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla. It passed the House and Senate in November with unanimous support. In the current Congress, 77 bills have been signed into law to date. Of those bills, only eight were introduced by freshman House Democrats.

Current law authorizes the Supreme Court Police to protect Justices—however, the authority to protect them outside of Supreme Court grounds is temporary and set to expire at the end of this year. Stanton and Steube’s bill will remedy that by permanently extending the security authorization.

“It is important that we protect the Justices of the highest court in the land—on that, Congress is united,” Stanton said. 

Stanton’s full remarks on H.R. 4258 during debate on the House floor are available HERE.