WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton joined leaders at the White House as President Joe Biden announced a new executive action that will bar migrants who cross the Southern Border unlawfully from receiving asylum, which will be in effect during high levels of encounters at the border. This action will enable immigration officers to more easily remove those who do not have a lawful basis to remain in the country and ease the burden on Border Patrol agents.

Stanton has previously called on the President to use every tool at his disposal, including executive action, to secure the border. 

He released the following statement:

“Since Republicans walked away from a bipartisan border security deal, today President Biden is taking decisive action to get the border under control. This executive order will take immediate steps to reduce the burden on law enforcement, our under-resourced immigration system, nonprofits and border communities in Arizona.

Ultimately, though, it’s Congress’ job to address this crisis through sustained investments in border security and meaningful immigration reform. That remains my north star, and I’ll work with anyone – Republican or Democrat – to get it done.”