Following continued advocacy from Rep. Greg Stanton, the House Committee on Appropriations today advanced a Homeland Security funding bill that invests in smart, effective border security while offering additional resources to avoid a potential humanitarian catastrophe.

Last month, Stanton led several of his colleagues in urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take up an emergency supplemental funding bill to bolster border security. The letter called for a “funding bill that will allow DHS to hire additional agents, increase the number of beds at its facilities, and give more support to humanitarian organizations working with migrants in need.” [LINK]

In April, Stanton appealed directly to President Joe Biden, saying prematurely lifting Title 42 would lead to a surge in migration that could “cause Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to face budget shortfalls… raising serious national security concerns.” [LINK]

The legislation provides $85.67 billion to the Department of Homeland Security in fiscal year 2023—a $2.7 billion year-over-year increase. Notably, the bill includes:

  • $15.74 billion for Customs and Border Protection, including funds for an additional 250 Customs Officers, 500 technicians, and 500 mission support staff and additional security technology;
  • $8.4 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, including funds to support efficient inspections at ports of entry and enhance legal access in detention facilities;
  • $25.89 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including humanitarian assistance at the border under the Emergency Food and Shelter Program;
  • $683.3 million for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, including funds to reduce immigrant application backlogs.