Rep. Greg Stanton is an original cosponsor of legislation introduced today to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection against the United States.

“President Trump incited an insurrection and violent attack on Congress and the temple to our nation’s democracy in an attempt to hold on to power despite losing a free and fair election. His actions are a shocking betrayal of his oath to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution—unlike anything we’ve seen in our nation’s history.

“We as a nation cannot begin to heal and move forward without accountability. And the president must be held to account for his actions,” Stanton said.

The House tomorrow will consider a resolution introduced by Rep. Jamie Raskin calling on the Vice President to mobilize the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President. Stanton will support the measure.

If the Vice President doesn’t act, the House is expected to bring the impeachment legislation to the floor.