PHOENIX—Rep. Greg Stanton’s office has returned more than $1.1 million in federal benefits to residents of Arizona’s ninth congressional district so far this year. The freshman member’s casework team has had a busy first nine months, working with more than 200 constituents on a wide range of issues, from immigration status to veterans benefits to Social Security payments. 

Providing exceptional service is always top of mind, Stanton says.

“It’s a pretty simple philosophy: put people first,” said Stanton. “In Washington, we’re focused on creating solutions to big challenges—and we work every day to pass bills that will help the people at home in our districts. But most of the time the real results come from our team of caseworkers, who are a voice for our residents when they need it most.”

One of the most common types of cases Stanton’s office handles is helping residents receive federal benefits they are owed, such as Social Security. 

Sarah Jacobs from Phoenix was close to losing her apartment when she contacted Stanton’s district team in April. She told a caseworker that she hadn’t received monthly Social Security benefits since 2016. And although the agency had told her she would begin to receive disability benefits, she never received any check or updates. 

Stanton’s constituent services team contacted the Social Security Western Program Service Center to request a review of Jacobs’ pending back pay and a timeline for when she could expect to receive payments—and asked that her case be expedited. 

By July, Jacobs was awarded a back-pay lump sum of $53,458 and starting that month, she began receiving a monthly benefit of $2,145. 

“I would still be waiting and living on the street if not for Stanton’s office,” Jacobs said. 

Her story, unfortunately, isn’t unique. Stanton’s office helped another resident receive a lump sum of $17,442 in social security benefits owed. 

For many, waiting on those checks can cause significant financial hardship. In one case, a single mother of two children had her tax refund withheld due to a discrepancy. After resolving the issue, Stanton’s office helped her get back $9,733—enough to stave off an eviction notice and pay late bills. 

“This is what public service is about,” Stanton said. “Addressing these cases is a priority for our team, because we know what a significant difference it can make for one individual or one family.”

For residents who aren’t getting the information they need from a federal agency, or feel they have been treated unfairly, Stanton’s office is available to help.

Phone: (602) 956-2463