MESA, Ariz. — A single mom in Mesa became the victim of government bureaucracy after a clerical error left her without disability pay for six weeks.

Laurel Hartmann, a retired auto plant worker, was scheduled to receive a monthly Social Security check for more than $2,000 on December 2.

“I went to our local Social Security office here in Mesa, and they didn’t have it. Every week I went back, and I got a different person every time and a different story every time,” Hartmann said.

Bills mounted, and Hartmann’s car was repossessed. During the Christmas holiday, loved ones pitched in and bought presents for Hartmann’s youngest child, who is still living with her.

Then last week, as Hartmann’s landlord was threatening to evict her, a friend suggested Hartmann contact her local congressman.

“I never would have thought to contact my congressman. I called his office, and within a matter of two and a half days, I got a call from Social Security saying, could I come down. They could cut me a check all of a sudden,” Hartmann said.

Congressman Greg Stanton tells 12News that every U.S. Representative has a staff dedicated to helping constituents with issues related to Social Security, the I.R.S., the V.A., and immigration services.

“That’s probably the number one job of a member of Congress is to serve your constituents,” Stanton said. “We can’t give people legal advice, but we can provide advocacy if they feel for some reason they’re stuck in bureaucracy.”

Stanton says his office has helped constituents get $15 million over a two-year period.