The Center for Public Integrity obtained a report from The White House Coronavirus Task Force, calling the situation in our state and country dangerous and serious.

The report is dated November 29 and breaks down each state, including Arizona, offering recommendations to keep the virus from spreading. Dr. Ross Goldberg with Valleywise Health said Arizona hospitals look similar to what we saw during the summer COVID surge.

"I think if you go into a lockdown, my fear is people will be more adverse, to not doing it, you know, just to revolt," said Goldberg.

Some recommendations from The White House Coronavirus Task Force include weekly testing if you're a teacher, college student, or work around a lot of people.

For those with health conditions or older than 65, it says stay out of indoor public places where people are not wearing masks. The report also reiterates people should wear masks and social distance.

"The problem is if we don't all do this, which not everyone has done, most have, but not all, we can't really see its full effect, and that's going to force the hands of our leaders to do more, which no one wants to happen," said Goldberg.

Forcing the hand of our governor is exactly what U.S. Representative Greg Stanton is trying to do. If cities or states, like Arizona, don't enact a mask mandate, he thinks they should not get money from Congress for future relief legislation.

"Jurisdictions that do have a mask mandate would receive federal funds, so the majority of Arizona communities would receive federal funds, but we're very targeted in this approach," said Stanton.

"The numbers are concerning, but it's what we're seeing all over the county, and we knew this," said Goldberg.