PHOENIX - Medical experts and patients came together on Wednesday to discuss how to better diagnose Valley Fever. 

Reps. David Schweikert (R) and Greg Stanton (D) started the dialogue, as they push for a bipartisan bill that would address the challenges of treating and eradicating Valley Fever. Experts talked about how the two-thirds of Valley Fever is diagnosed in Arizona, and because of that, it is important for doctors in the state to be properly trained, and be at the forefront of the answers to curing this infection.

Medical experts also came up with suggestions on how the state can do better at diagnosing the infection.

"We know most people who practice in Arizona do not train here, and what we would love is for every provider if they just took a Valley Fever module that would require much like it is opoids. I truly believe we would see better diagnosis and treatment," said one woman.

Patients spoke as well. Pat White says she suffered from Valley Fever for six months until she got the proper diagnosis. She says more need to be done to educate doctors on the illness, so people like her can get help sooner. 

"I think there should be a law, at least, until doctors are educated in this disease that there should be a law that every doctor practicing should pass a Valley Fever exam," said White.

Medical experts also talked about how there have been increased diagnoses to the disease recently, thanks to doctors being trained specifically on this illness.