By Ignacio Ventura

With an increase of migrants hoping to gain entry to the United States at the border with Mexico, lawmakers who represent Arizona at the federal level are looking for ways to handle the situation.

Speaking on C-SPAN in a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday, Rep. Greg Stanton described the imminent need to better manage immigration.

“Arizonans know all too well that the situation at the southern border is unsustainable. A record number of migrants have been apprehended in the Tucson sector at an unrelenting pace that has made Tucson the busiest sector in the country over the last five months," he said. 

Stanton also pleaded for additional funding from Congress to boost the amount of Customs and Border Patrol officers, saying: “Without adequate staff, vehicle processings have been reduced at points of entry, which is devastating to Arizona’s cross border economy.”