KTAR: Rep. Stanton to introduce bill requiring body-worn cameras for Capitol police

PHOENIX – U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton of Arizona plans to introduce a bill in Congress this week that would require Capitol Police to utilize body-worn cameras following last week’s riots.

“For the safety of our Capitol Police officers, the public and everyone who works in the Capitol complex, it’s imperative that officers utilize body-worn cameras while on duty,” Stanton said in a press release Monday.

Stanton said if Capitol police had body-worn cameras during the attacks, it would help aid the investigation.

Currently, the investigations of the attack have relied heavily on cell phone and surveillance videos to identify any suspects.

The riots results in the death of a Capitol police officer and four others.

The proceedings to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory continued later that evening after authorities had secured the building.

During House debate over the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes, Stanton said the actions were “not a protest” and called it “treason.”