PHOENIX — Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech about reproductive rights in Phoenix on Friday afternoon.

More than 200 pro-choice supporters chanted “Four more years” inside South Mountain Community Center.

“In states across our nation, extremists have proposed and passed laws that criminalize doctors and punish women,” Harris told the crowd. “Laws like those in Arizona that make no exception even for rape or incest.”

he event was Harris’ fifth stop on her Fight for Reproductive Freedoms tour, which kicked off on Jan. 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

She said women in the U.S. have fewer rights now than they did before the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.

“The idea that someone that survives a crime of violence to their body, a violation of their body, would then be told they don’t have the authority to make a decision about what happens to their body next? That is immoral,” Harris said.

VP visits Arizona to give speech on reproductive rights

Before her speech, several Arizona leaders welcomed Harris to the Grand Canyon state.

Rep. Greg Stanton, a Democrat, traveled with her as she made her way to Phoenix.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego then welcomed Harris as she stepped off the plane.

“Extremists even attacked the freedom to use IVF treatment,” she said. “Please let us consider the irony. On the one hand, these extremists tell women they do not have the freedom to end an unwanted pregnancy, and on the other hand, these extremists tell women they don’t have the freedom to start a family.”

At that point, a heckler started yelling and interrupting the speech. Officials then removed the protestor.

Harris also shared a livestream of her speech on social media.

Biden administration focuses on Arizona ahead of November election

Arizona is the 13th state Harris has visited in 2024. Her Friday visit marks her fourth trip to the Grand Canyon state since being sworn in as vice president.

Her most recent trip took place in October 2023, when she visited Flagstaff as part of a tour to whip up support among young voters.

Biden’s most recent trip to Arizona took place in September. He visited Tempe to announce the creation of the McCain Library.

Harris also touched upon the Alabama Supreme Court’s recent ruling that embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are legally considered children. The decision triggered a nationwide debate over the legality of IVF treatments, which combine sperm with eggs outside of the human body.