WASHINGTON, D.C.—The New Democrat Coalition Immigration and Border Security Task Force, led by Chair Greg Stanton (AZ-04), hosted an interagency briefing yesterday with the White House focused on the administration’s efforts at the southern border following the expiration of Title 42 earlier this month.

NDC Immigration and Border Security Task Force leadership issued the below statement following the meeting: 

“New Dems engaged in a productive conversation with administration officials about their ongoing efforts to secure the southern border and facilitate a secure and orderly process for migrants seeking to enter the United States following the expiration of Title 42.

“New Dems are encouraged by the interagency cooperation to ensure border security while promoting access to lawful pathways for migrants, who are forced to leave their home countries because of natural disasters, dictators, corruption, or violence. 

“While border apprehensions have declined in recent days, New Dems underscored the importance of continuing to strategically deploy federal resources to ensure our nation, and especially our border communities, is prepared for a future surge.

“This meeting reinforced what we already know: congressional action is necessary to fix our broken immigration system. Earlier this month, the New Dem Immigration and Border Security Task Force sent a letter to Speaker McCarthy and Leader Jeffries calling for meaningful bipartisan action to address the crisis at the southern border and strengthen our economy this Congress. New Dems have also called for additional federal resources to stem the flow of illegal fentanyl and secure the southern border. Taking action to strengthen our immigration system will restore order to the border and grow our economy.

“New Dems know that we cannot wait and that bipartisan congressional action is necessary for our national and economic security. Let’s get it done.”