After the Biden Administration announced new border enforcement actions and a planned trip to the Southern Border, Rep. Greg Stanton released the following statement:  

“I’m glad the President will be visiting Texas this weekend to see for himself what I’ve seen and heard—and communicated to his Administration: that border communities, humanitarian organizations, and law enforcement desperately need more support from and better coordination with the federal government. As I told Secretary Mayorkas last year, it seemed they had not yet received the message.

Congress worked in a bipartisan way to provide the Department of Homeland Security $86.5 billion in discretionary funding—a $3.2 billion increase—and boosted funding levels for ICE and CBP to well over what the President had requested. I’m encouraged to hear those funds will be surged to our Southern border to ensure an orderly and humane immigration process. If the President needs additional funding to meet this goal, I stand ready to support that effort in the House.

In the meantime, I expect the Administration to provide much more detail about exactly how these funds will be put to use—to Congress and to border communities.”

Stanton sharply criticized Secretary Mayorkas during an April 2022 House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing. [LINK] He worked with a group of bipartisan lawmakers to introduce legislation to force the Administration to put together a plan to handle the expected increase in migration once Title 42 was lifted. [LINK]

Stanton called on House leadership to prioritize passing emergency funding for border security in May of 2022 [LINK].

He again directly appealed to Secretary Mayorkas in November of 2022 [LINK], asking the Secretary to “ provide Congress with a request for any additional funding DHS may need” to carry out its plan to prepare for the eventual end of Title 42.