Michael Raimondi, AZFamily.com

Arizona lawmakers meet to discuss solutions for ongoing drought

On Tuesday, several Arizona lawmakers met with the Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland. They discussed ways to fight back against the drought in the western part of the United States.

Secretary Haaland says we need to make changes to get more water to everyone in Arizona. Water levels are historically low from our water sources like Lake Mead, and Haaland says we need to focus on recycling the water we have.

"Although this funding can't make it rain or refill reservoirs with water, it can go a long way to build resilience," Secretary Haaland said.

The money will ensure that tribes get access to water they've been promised but have been unable to use because of a lack of funding for infrastructure to store and move it.

Rep. Greg Stanton says we need to get working on this now. The drought is expected to stay. He thinks money from the infrastructure bill will help build pipelines and other ways to move water to areas that need it most.

"If our tribal areas aren't doing great if our rural areas aren't doing great, the City of Phoenix and other urban areas aren't going to do great too," said Stanton.

The group of lawmakers didn't say where the projects would begin. They mentioned financial and technical support to help reuse the water we have. Secretary Haaland says some of the projects should start this year.