Stanton: ‘Arizona Leaders Undermined the Census Count’

Stanton Says Failed Leadership Will Hurt Arizona for Years to Come

April 26, 2021

Rep. Greg Stanton today made the following statement in response to the 2020 Census results.

“Arizona leaders undermined the Census count in our own state, and today’s disappointing news is the result. 

Governor Ducey refused to stand up for Arizona and instead followed former President Trump’s strategy to intimidate Latinos and discourage their participation in the Census. 

Rather than make up for it with a robust effort to encourage participation, Arizona spent far less than its peer states. When real-time data showed Arizona’s response rate was near the very bottom, state leaders looked the other way.

These poor efforts will do much more harm than cost Arizona a congressional seat and more influence on Capitol Hill.  This failure will cost the state billions of dollars in federal funds for schools, children’s health care, emergency management, veterans, infrastructure and much more over the next decade. 

It is another case of failed leadership that will hurt Arizona for years to come.”