PHOENIX—Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that community health centers in Arizona’s 9th district will receive $5.88 million in CARES Act funds for coronavirus response efforts.  Native Health, Mountain Park Health Center, Valle del Sol, Adelante Healthcare and Terros will all receive grant funding.

“Community health centers are often on the front lines of serving our most vulnerable populations. They provide essential health services to everyone, regardless of insurance or immigration status. They work hard to build trust in these communities so they can better serve them,” Stanton said yesterday on Twitter. “We're already seeing that COVID-19, like so many other public health epidemics, is disproportionately impacting lower income communities and communities of color. We have to make sure that the resources are reaching our residents as equitably as possible. Lives depend on it.”

Unlike hospitals, many local community health centers weren’t able to access any supplies from the National Strategic Stockpile to keep doctors and patients safe. Stanton noted that this was one reason the House fought to ensure community health centers would receive their fair share of funds in the CARES Act.  

The health centers can use the award funds to detect coronavirus; prevent, diagnose, and treat COVID-19; and maintain or increase health capacity and staffing levels to address this public health emergency.

A breakdown of the grant dollars is available here.

More information on the HHS grants is available here.