Rep. Greg Stanton today issued the following statement ahead of a vote on the final stimulus agreement, which he will support. The final agreement on the $900 billion package was reached last night, and the House and Senate are set to vote on it today.

“It has been nearly nine months since the Senate has been willing to pass COVID relief, and frankly, the American people expected more than what this package delivered.

There is much that will provide a strong boost to Arizona’s economy: essential funds for testing and delivering the vaccine; reviving the Paycheck Protection Program; and supporting small businesses previously left behind—including more independent businesses and live music venues. 

But for many who need help the most, what they got today is just not enough. A $600 stimulus check and unemployment benefits at $300 a week is not nothing—but for a lot of people struggling to make ends meet, it sure feels that way.  That the Senate only agreed to such a meager relief after issuing an ultimatum to include a corporate meal tax write-off is an egregious misplacement of priorities that shocks the conscience.

We can’t allow this to be the last relief package for the American people.  We need to immediately get to work on another plan to deliver additional much-needed support to workers and families first thing in January.”