In the ongoing inquiry into President Donald Trump’s actions on Ukraine, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from four law professors Wednesday. They discussed the constitutional grounds for impeachment.

The hearing drew mixed reactions from Arizona committee members.

Democratic Congressman Greg Stanton said they must decide whether the United States is a nation of laws or of men.

“The obstruction we’re looking at today is far worse than President Nixon’s behavior," Stanton said. "Future generations will measure us by how we choose to answer that question.”

On the other side of the aisle, Republican Debbie Lesko questioned if the impeachment guidelines set by the committee Chairman Gerald Nadler last year had been met.

“You said the evidence needs to be clear," Lesko said. "It is not. You said offenses need to be grave. They are not. You said that once the evidence is laid out that the opposition will admit they had to do it. That has not happened.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday morning she’s asking the committee chairs to move forward with articles of impeachment.