SAHUARITA – The ASARCO strike is entering its eighth week as employees work the picket lines instead of the mine.

But strikers are still optimistic they’ll reach a deal, workers have been fighting for themselves and their families in Tucson but as they gain more support locally. This fight is starting to turn into something more.

“This strike is being talked about in Washington D.C., people are paying close attention because you’re really displaying incredible leadership,” said Greg Stanton, Congressman 9th District.

It has been 49 days since the strike has started.

“It’s difficult, but not impossible and the will is strong and people’s desire is there to make their lives better and so we’re not going anywhere,” said Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor District 5.

Support has continued to grow for the strikers as those in the community have offered their help. On Sunday night the Pima County Democratic Party presented a check for $6,500 to help with expenses for the people protesting.

“It’s extremely important especially to the Pima County Democratic Party the principles of the Democratic Party are to support and defend the people of the united states and that includes everybody,” said Catherine Ripley, Executive Director Pima County Democratic Party.

Congressman Greg Stanton made his way to the front lines to offer his support.