WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the U.S. House prepares to vote this week on the United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, Arizona businesses are speaking up about the importance of trade with our neighboring countries.  Rep. Greg Stanton has been advocating an improved North American trade policy throughout his first year in Congress.  
Businesses in Arizona—from large corporations to medium- and small-sized firms—have made clear that the USMCA will provide much-needed certainty and opportunity for growth. Several business owners and representatives from trade associations shared their support with Stanton. 

“The passage of USMCA is important for the dairy industry and critical for our Tempe based dairy cooperative. We have enjoyed a fruitful trade relationship with both Mexico and Canada, and the success of our member farms here in Arizona depends on the passage of this trade agreement. Right now, Mexico is UDA’s main export market, which accounts for almost $200 million in total dairy exports. Without a trade agreement, we wouldn’t have ready access to Mexico. The cooperative needs to be able to export to Mexico in order to ensure a future existence. If USMCA passes, because of the dairy provisions, we would be able to capture an increased market share in Canada. The market in Canada, and USMCA, represents a big opportunity for UDA.”   

Ashley Ellixson, V.P. of Legal and Environmental Affairs, United Dairymen of Arizona 
UDA is a Tempe-based dairy co-op that consists of 90 percent of Arizona dairy farmers. It processes, manufactures, and markets Arizona dairy products sold in and outside of the United States.  

“The USMCA offers an important opportunity to strengthen ties with our neighbors and set a precedent for all future trade agreements in this modern, global economy. Arizona is home to one of Intel’s largest and most advanced manufacturing operations and we appreciate Rep. Stanton’s recognition that the strong disciplines on digital trade in the USMCA will expand trade and help protect U.S. innovative technology products. The key provisions on e-commerce, cross-border data flows, encryption, IP protection and enforcement are all needed to support a robust digital economy.”   

—Lisa Malloy, Head of U.S. Government Affairs, Intel 
Intel Corporation is a multinational technology company and the second largest semiconductor producer in the world.  

“The strengthened intellectual property enforcement language in the USMCA is critical for Kinetic Edge. As a small company that develops ergonomic solutions to enhance worker safety and performance, we need protection for the innovative products that we export to Mexico and across the globe. The USMCA will allow Kinetic Edge to plan for the future and to distribute our products at a greater level to customers across North America. As a company based in Tempe, we are thankful for Congressman Stanton’s advocacy on the USMCA because it demonstrates a deep commitment to the growth and expansion of small businesses in Arizona that depend on trade with Mexico.” 

—Jeff Ward, Co-Founder, Kinetic Edge 
Kinetic Edge is a Tempe-based company that develops ergonomic solutions to enhance workplace safety and performance. 

“St. Clair Technologies Inc. is an automotive manufacturing company with 1600 employees strong, $100 million in imports to Arizona, and $45 million in exports to Mexico, with locations in Ontario, Canada; Sonora, Mexico; and Phoenix, Arizona. As a 20-plus year member of the North American Trade community, it is an excellent program that fuels our continued trilateral growth. We are grateful and proud that Congressman Stanton continues to work for the entire trade community, across all political lines, to do what is best for his constituents in Arizona.” 

—Carolynne Hunter, VP of Supply Chain, St. Clair Technologies Inc.   
St. Clair Technologies Inc. is an auto parts supplier, developer and manufacturer in Chandler, Arizona. 

“As an Arizona-based medium-sized business, Acronis SCS believes a modern and mutually beneficial trade agreement with our nation’s neighbors will lead to freer markets, fairer trade, a more resilient U.S. economy, and stronger innovation in the cyber sphere and beyond. As a software company that delivers trusted edge data security and cyber protection solutions to the U.S. public sector, our company supports USMCA’s efforts to enhance and protect the world’s digital ecosystem while safeguarding companies’ intellectual property. In short, the USMCA stands to influence and better the future of Acronis SCS, as well as many other small- and medium-sized companies like ours across Arizona and America.”   

—John Zanni, CEO, Acronis SCS 
Acronis SCS is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Scottsdale that focuses on protecting America’s public sector by securing data across federal, state and local government, education, and non-profit computing environments. 

“On behalf of our over 23,000 North American employees, including nearly 300 employees located in Arizona’s Ninth Congress district at our Tempe facility, SAP is pleased that a deal has been reached to advance the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement through Congress. The updated trade agreement includes a state-of-the-art chapter on digital trade that safeguards cross-border data flows, prohibits data localization requirements and streamlines e-commerce. The USMCA will enable firms, notably smaller ones, to use new and innovative digital tools to overcome barriers to growth, helping facilitate payments, enabling collaboration, promoting the use of cloud-based services, and using alternative funding mechanisms such as crowdfunding. 
I commend Congressman Stanton for his strong support of the USMCA.  He understands firsthand how this new agreement will modernize trade and bring new opportunities to the Phoenix area by allowing local firms to bring new products and services to a larger number of digitally-connected customers across the globe.  In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, digitally-enabled transactions of trade in goods and services is essential to the Phoenix area’s ability to compete and win in the global economy.” 

—Kevin M. Richards, VP, Head of U.S. Government Relations, SAP America, Inc.    
SAP America Inc. develops enterprise software to support businesses in the areas of supplier relationships, production, warehouse management, sales, customer relationships, and administrative functions.  

“Vandervoet & Associates has been importing fresh produce from Mexico since the mid-1990s. Our business is dependent on a steady and efficient trade relationship between the US and Mexico. When people ask me about the scope of our distribution, I tell them everywhere between Tucson, Tampa, Toronto and Tokyo, as some of the Mexican produce that we import though Nogales, Arizona gets re-exported to east Asia from seaports in California. I'm thankful for the support of Rep. Stanton, who, along with many other members of the Arizona delegation have come together and supported the USMCA for the benefit of our state.” 

—Scott Vandervoet, Owner, Vandervoet & Associates  
Vandervoet & Associates is a fresh produce distributor based in Rio Rico, Arizona that focuses on importing melons through Nogales—the U.S. largest port of entry for produce from Mexico. 

“As a third-generation Arizona cattle rancher, I’m familiar with how important it is to have access to as many markets as possible for our products. All around the world, people recognize that American beef is top of the line and trade agreements have facilitated the export of U.S. beef to the global market. USMCA will benefit cattle ranchers in Arizona and we look forward to working with Congressman Stanton to getting it passed.” 

—Benny Aja, Cattle Rancher, Aja Ranch 
Benny Aja is a generational cattle rancher in Northern Arizona and serves as the current president for Coconino County Farm Bureau and Cattle Growers Association. 

“We are excited to see what the next 25 years will bring within the new framework of the USMCA.  So many improvements were adopted to better leverage North American cooperation and collaboration, and that type of close working relationship is what has made the U.S., Canada, and Mexico the strongest trading block in the world. The USMCA is the right agreement to bring us into the 21st century and beyond.  I look forward to broad, bipartisan support to pass the agreement.” 

—Lance Jungmeyer, President, Fresh Produce Association of the Americas 
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas is a nonprofit trade association headquartered in Nogales, Arizona that represents over 120 U.S. member companies involved in growing, packing, sales and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico.   

“Phat Scooters is a homegrown, Tempe-based electric scooter manufacturing company that represents the future of electric vehicles. What began as three friends looking for an alternative mode of transportation during the Arizona summer has transformed into an innovative company with clients across the globe. Part of that success is built on our beneficial trade relationship with Mexico and the trade agreements that provide certainty and ease. Phat Scooters is a big fan of USMCA and has shifted its growth strategy to take advantage of the opportunities it provides. Thank you to Congressman Stanton for being an advocate of Arizona businesses in the 9th district and for supporting the families and community that make up our company.” 

—Peter Johnson, CEO, Phat Scooters 
Phat Scooters is a startup company based in Tempe that designs and builds customized electric scooters.