WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Rep. Greg Stanton addressed the U.S. House about the importance of advancing an improved North American trade policy.  Stanton made the case for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), citing the economic impact of those trade relationships for Arizona. 

Stanton’s full remarks are below and video is available here

Thank you, Madam Speaker.

I rise today in support of ongoing efforts to secure our nation’s economy.  In Arizona, that means giving job creators large and small access to markets in Mexico and Canada.  

Sadly, Arizona’s recent trade history was shaped by state leaders who damaged our relationship with Mexico with divisive, self-defeating rhetoric and policies, such as SB 1070.  

That hurt our economy and cost us jobs.  So as Phoenix mayor, I worked overtime to rebuild trade relationships, leading 18 trade missions to Mexico and Canada. Our business community helped me make the case for increasing trade—and we saw results.

Since 2012, while the nation’s exports grew just 0.1 percent, Phoenix’s exports grew by 20 percent.  In 2017, trade with Mexico and Canada produced nearly $10 billion in exports statewide.

Simply put: Trade with our North American allies is essential to Arizona’s economy.

Now, we have a real opportunity to improve these relationships through USMCA.

A new trade agreement, with improved labor standards, can provide certainty for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Trade with our North American allies provides paychecks to more than 230,000 Arizona workers, and it is Congress’s duty to reassert its role in U.S. trade policy.

Thank you Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Neal and the working group for your efforts. 

I continue to be encouraged by the progress being made on the USMCA, and with that, I yield back.