FY25 Appropriations Funding Requests

Every year, Congress is responsible for allocating overall funding for offices, programs, and grants administered by the federal government. As your Representative, Rep. Stanton has the opportunity to advocate on behalf of programs that are important to Arizona’s 4th Congressional District. For example, if your local fire department benefits from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants, Rep. Stanton can advocate to maintain or increase the total funding for these grants.

If your organization receives these funds, please fill out this form with your requests for programmatic funding, bill, or report language. Please note that appropriations requests cannot guarantee funding for any specific entity or project, and are separate from individual grant requests. Requests must comply with all current House rules.

Community Project Funding Requests 

The Community Project Funding initiative allows Members of Congress to directly address the most significant needs of the communities they represent. If FY25 guidance from the Appropriations Committee includes the opportunity to submit Community Project Funding Requests, you will find updates here.  

Find Community Project Funding requests made by Congressman Stanton in Fiscal Year 2022 hereFiscal Year 2023 here, and Fiscal Year 2024 here.