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March 26, 2020 In The News
Arizona still has so few coronavirus test kits that state officials are warning that screening could end, Rep. Greg Stanton said in a Thursday letter to Vice President Mike Pence.
March 24, 2020 In The News
Constituents with concerns about the stimulus bill working its way through Congress this week can still share their opinions with their representatives in Washington – even though their representatives may not actually be in Washington.
March 20, 2020 In The News
Four Arizona House Democrats pressed the Trump administration Friday to urgently provide $120 million in emergency aid to the Indian Health Service after delays in sending money to combat the new coronavirus that is sweeping across tribal communities.
March 19, 2020 In The News
After Sinema took the lead Monday in criticizing Ducey, other Democrats in the state’s congressional delegation challenged the response to the outbreak at the state and federal level.
March 18, 2020 In The News
U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton of Arizona called on the state to activate its National Guard to help with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
March 14, 2020 In The News
The U.S. House early Saturday morning approved an emergency stimulus package to combat the coronavirus pandemic after President Donald Trump signaled his support for the bill.
March 5, 2020 In The News
Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Greg Stanton have introduced the Downwinders Parity Act to bring justice to victims of radiation exposure in Mohave County, Arizona, and Clark County, Nevada.
March 4, 2020 In The News
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed an $8.3 billion emergency new coronavirus spending plan on Wednesday that earned only two "no" votes, with one of them coming from Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona.
March 3, 2020 In The News
Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and Rep. Greg Stanton, D-Ariz., introduced a bill Friday, the Downwinders Parity Act, that would expand the “affected area” as defined by the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). Signed into law in 2000, RECA is the existing means by which those who developed illnesses from nuclear radiation exposure can apply for government compensation.
February 29, 2020 In The News
The Asian District in Mesa held a special night market Saturday in hopes to draw customers back to Asian businesses after fears of coronavirus hurt business.