Last week, in the midst of a pandemic and as the CDC urged all of us to stay home, thousands of Americans stood in line for hours in Wisconsin – some in the pouring rain – to exercise their most fundamental duty in our democracy: vote.

Their commitment inspires us all. 

But the truth is that each voter was forced to make a decision: put their health and safety at risk or fail the generations before who fought to secure their right to vote.  It’s a choice that no American should have to make.

With an important election quickly approaching in November, we can take steps to ensure that no other American faces that same risk.

Public health experts are already predicting a second wave of coronavirus infections this fall, at the same time millions of voters will head to the polls. 

Congress can – and must – take action to ensure every American can safely and freely exercise their right to vote this November.  We can do this by helping every state participate in vote-by-mail, expanding early vote options, and boosting online voter registration.

Those of us in Arizona know first-hand that vote-by-mail is safe, secure and easy.  In fact, more than 80% of voters across the state already vote by mail-in ballot.  It’s time to make sure that every American can vote safely and securely in their own homes, too.

As I continue my work to keep Arizonans safe, I want to hear from you.  I hope you’ll take a moment to let me know what your priorities are as we fight the coronavirus by filling out my COVID-19 issues survey.